Engineered Putting Technology and Superior Performance

At David Musty Putters, it's not just about making putters that are pleasing to the eye – we are constantly pursuing our goal to build the best performing putter on the market.  The natural properties of wood allow us to place our patented inertia-based weighting system where it can be most productive.  With a raised center of gravity, David Musty putters transfer energy to the equator of the ball, creating the consistent forward roll that is crucial for made putts.

The solid wood beater bar and aiming line assembly creates a soft, expanded sweet spot and eliminates ricochet that can occur with traditionally built metal putters.

The Truest Roll in Golf

Traditional Putter Roll
Traditional Putter
A lower center of gravity creates backspin and hop.

Musty Putter Roll
Musty Putter
A raised center of gravity creates positive forward roll.
Traditional Putter Sweet Spot
Traditional Putter
Most putters have a small sweet spot making consistency difficult.

Musty Putter Sweet Spot
Musty Putter
Musty Putters have an enlarged sweet spot allowing you to keep the ball rolling on line more consistently.